Thursday, February 1, 2018

The best San Francisco walking tour...

There are a whole bunch of walking tours in San Francisco. Mostly all will provide some historical aspect of San Francisco (e.g. 1906 great earthquake & fire) and show the famous tourist spots (e.g. Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown). However, there are a lot more things about San Francisco that visitors should experience. When you join an urban trek, a unique San Francisco walking tour by Urban Trek USA, you not only will learn about the history and see some famous sites, you will also:

- See some of the urban trek "secret spots" that have excellent views without the crowd. Even at the most famous places (e.g Golden Gate Bridge), there usually is a place that most tourist do not know about.

- Visit at least five different neighborhoods of San Francisco and learn what is special about each of them.

- Get and insider's view on current stuff about the different neighborhoods you will visit so you can go back and sample some of the best food, cocktails, desserts, coffee, etc. at those neighborhoods.

- Get written instructions that include the "secret spots" for the other San Francisco neighborhoods that are not covered during your urban trek. This way, not only will you have a fun day urban trekking, you will have more fun days after your urban trek.

As important, joining an urban trek is probably the most economical way to get a 5-star San Francisco experience if you consider the price, the quality of experience and the duration of an urban trek vs. other San Francisco tours.

Get off the tour bus, urban trek with us!

Check future posting for tips on what you can do to enjoy your San Francisco vacation.

For more information about Urban Trek USA, visit Urban Trek USA's website.

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