Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Urban Trek USA as best PRIVATE tour in San Francisco

What makes Urban Trek USA the best PRIVATE tour in San Francisco?

First and foremost, Urban Trek USA can CUSTOMIZE an itinerary that would be best suited for you in addition to the predetermined private walking tour itineraries.

Second, you can spend as much a 7 hours exploring the different neighborhoods of San Francisco.

Third, you can have a combination of famous places like Alamo Square combined with more locally known and less touristy places like the place shown in the video below.

Fourth, you will always see the "secret spots" even when going to some famous places like Russian Hill. Secret spots are places with awesome views without the crowd.

Fifth, your Urban Trek Leader has been a San Francisco resident for more than 25 years. You will get the inside scoop on things to do at each neighborhood you visit during your San Francisco tour so you can absorb more of the atmosphere of a neighborhood on your own after your urban trek.

Sixth, you will be provided with written list of recommended places in different neighborhood.

Seventh, when applicable, you will be provided with written instructions for exploring neighborhoods not included in your itinerary for your private San Francisco walking tour.

Eighth, and maybe the most important, Urban Trek USA's price for a private walking tour of San Francisco is a bargain compared to other tours if you consider the quality of your EXPERIENCE, the duration of the San Francisco tour and the information you will get from the tour.

Ninth, you will most likely have excellent photos to remember your urban trek. Part of the planning process for the itinerary is for you to be at places when the sun it at a good spot for clear photos when it can be efficient to do so. For example, going to the Golden Gate Bridge is not good in the morning because the sun will be at a position where you cannot take a clear photo of San Francisco from the bridge.

Anton, the Urban Trek Leader, is motivated to provide you with the best possible San Francisco experience - 99.9% of the reviews and testimonials from past urban trekkers will show this is true.

Get off the tour bus, urban trek with us!

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