Wednesday, October 31, 2018

New and Imporved Urban Trek 1 SMALL GROUP walking tour & city tour of San Francisco by Urban Trek USA

Urban Trek USA a SMALL GROUP walking tour & city tour in San Francisco has a new and improved itinerary for Urban Trek 1 to provide a more enjoyable IMMERSIVE city tour EXPERIENCE.

On  Nov. 1, 2018, Urban Trek USA will unveil it's new and improved itinerary for urban trek 1, a small group San Francisco neighborhoods walking and city tour. This walking & city tour of San Francisco will one of the best things to do in San Francisco.

What are new & improved?
- The order of places visited has been updated to make it flow better.
- The Ferry Building and Union Square have been replaced by Alamo Square and Hayes Valley.

Alamo Square will be included because of the beautiful Victorian houses in the area (e.g. "Painted Ladies") to add to the architectural aspect of the urban trek. Also, the panoramic view from Alamo Square enhances the scenery aspect of the urban trek because of the downtown skyline view. In Pacific Heights, which has always part of urban trek 1, you will see the beautiful bay view so adding the downtown skyline view will improve the urban trek experience.

Hayes Valley is the new hip and hot neighborhood to show you what is new (from ten years ago when Urban Trek 1 was offered) and show you how Hayes Valley is an excellent example of the gentrification that has been happening in San Francisco over the past several years due to the "Tech Boom."

The Ferry Building and Union Square were replaced because these two places are already part of urban trek 4 and these two places are easier to visit on your own without the assistance of the Urban Trek Leader.

What has not changed:
- You will still get all the important historical aspect.
- You will still get (even better now) an immersive walking and city tour that past urban trekkers have always enjoyed.
- You will still get all the extras that other tours do not provide (e.g. written self-guided directions to explore more neighborhoods and their "secret spots") so you can explore more of the "secret spots"" of San Francisco days following your urban trek experience.
- You will still have the opportunity to sample some of the best food that San Francisco has to offer during your lunch break and you can still choose where you want to go. 

Check out the new video to promote urban trek 1:

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