Friday, February 8, 2019


Urban Trek USA is a SMALL GROUP San Francisco tour that will provide visitors with a truly IMMERSIVE San Francisco city & walking tour EXPERIENCE.

What are the benefits of joining a discounted private urban trek and how does Urban Trek USA provide an immersive San Francisco experience?

1. When visitors simply wander around a neighborhood on their own or in a vehicle (e.g. tour bus tour), they are essentially just "sightseeing" - just seeing the sights. When visitors join an urban trek, they will get historical information as well as current demographics (i.e. how the neighborhood started and how it has evolved) and things to do in those neighborhoods today. This way, visitors will get a better understanding of a neighborhood and its uniqueness to other neighborhoods and have a good sense of what they can do there should they want to revisit the place on their own after the urban trek.

2. Walking the streets and alleys of the seven neighborhood is the only way to provide visitors with a truly enhanced and in-depth experience of each area and San Francisco vs. being in a tour bus, van, Segway, bicycle, etc. Joining other tours that only includes one to three neighborhoods will not give visitors the same immersive San Francisco experience.

3. The Urban Trek Leader has lived in San Francisco for decades and will show you the "secret spots" with awesome views without the crowd; as well as provide a real insider's perspective.

4. Visitors will be provided with written directions on how to explore other neighborhoods and their "secret spots" so visitors can enjoy the rest of their stay after their urban trek. This is something no other tours will provide visitors. Urban Trek USA provides this at no additional cost.

5. Taking San Francisco's public transportation is not only an eco-friendly way to get around The City, but it also adds to the enhanced experience of a neighborhood. One of the goals of the Urban Trek Leader is to make visitors comfortable in taking public transportation so they will feel at ease exploring more of The City. Furthermore, more area can be explored vs. just walking.

6. The price for this discounted private urban trek is quite a bargain when compared to other private tours; and when visitors take into consideration the quality (5 stars), the length of time (7 to 7.5 hours) and the overall experience (7 neighborhoods).

Getting all these will provide visitors with the best immersive San Francisco experience.

Why just simply visit when your can experience it with Urban Trek USA.

Note: Advance reservations required. Click on this link to make a reservation for this discounted private urban trek San Francisco tour.

For questions or for a pdf version of the itinerary for this discounted private urban trek San Francisco walking & city tour, please send an e-mail to

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