Wednesday, November 21, 2018

New DISCOUNTED Private San Francisco walking & city tour by Urban Trek USA

This discounted private San Francisco walking tour & city tour by Urban Trek USA is for reservations made between Dec. 1, 2018 to Mar. 19, 2019. This private urban trek is offered only on Mondays to Fridays. Advance reservations are required and are subject to availability. Reservations are not guaranteed without a valid confirmation number. 

The discounted price for this particular private urban trek San Francisco walking & city tour is $195 for up to a party of four ($48.75 per person), $220 for a party of five, $245 for a party of six and $270 for a party of seven. The prices are double discounted (read below). Urban Trek USA normally does not take a party greater than seven people to make sure the quality of the experience is not diminished. This deal makes for an excellent things to do in San Francisco for people who want a 5-star experience at a budget price.

Note: The price for this private tour for reservations from Mar. 20, 2019 onward will be $210 for a party of four ($52.50 per person), $235 for a five, $260 for six and $285 for seven. The $210 price is already a discounted price from the regular price of $225 for a party of four when a full-blown private customized urban trek San Francisco tour is done.

The itinerary for this particular urban trek is focused on the scenic beauty of San Francisco from two hilltop "secret spots" (i.e. awesome view without the crowd) and two other more known neighborhoods (i.e. Mission & Alamo Square). In addition to the scenic aspect, this itinerary will show you six uniquely different neighborhoods and a SURPRISE aspect that involves very nice art. You will be provided with a more detailed description of the itinerary and more information when you make your reservation request before a reservation is confirmed.

VERY IMPORTANT: People who can do this urban trek have to be quite fit because this entails walking up hills and stairs with a total of approximately 498 steps that will be broken in four sections: 163 steps first part, 163 steps second part, 28 steps third part and 144 steps fourth part. There will be sections along the stairway where people can rest before going farther up.

There will be a one-hour lunch break at a neighborhood that has a lot of good places to choose from. You can choose were you want to have lunch and you will be provided with recommendations of the best ones. There will be Mexican, Thai, Korean, American and more food options. (Note: The cost for lunch will be your responsibility.)

The recommended start time is 9:30 am but can be earlier at 9:00 am. The location will be downtown and will be provided when the confirmation e-mail is sent to you. The urban trek will end around 4:00 - 4:30 pm in Hayes Valley or at the meeting place, depending on your choice. You will be provided with instructions on how to get to where you want to go if you choose to end in Hayes Valley.

Disclaimer: Due to the kind of weather in San Francisco, especially during the summer and spring time, fog can play a role in diminishing the gorgeous views from the two hilltop "secret spots."

Why just come for a visit when you can EXPERIENCE it - San Francisco.

Check out this promotional video to get an idea of what you can expect to experience when you join this particular urban trek:

Also, check out some photos from prior blog post by clicking here.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

New DISCOUNTED Private San Francisco Tour - COMING SOON!

Urban Trek USA offers top rated private San Francisco tours at a bargain price. Starting Spring 2019 (March 20, 2019), Urban Trek USA will offer a new discounted private San Francisco tour. Furthermore, starting Dec. 1, 2018 an additional discount will be given to test and iron out the kinks, if any, for this new San Francisco private walking & city tour itinerary. More details to follow next week when more information becomes available about the smoke due to the fires.

Basically, the new private urban trek itinerary will focus on hilltop views and will include six neighborhoods and a "surprise" artistic feature. This urban trek will be more of a scenic tour of San Francisco vs. a historical tour. One neighborhood will be well-known (Alamo Square), one will be somewhat know (Mission) but the rest will be less known to tourists and will show visitors the diversity of the different neighborhoods in San Francisco. This should be an excellent bargain priced things to do in San Francisco.

Note: People will have to fairly fit to be able to do this new private urban trek because there will be a lot of stairs to climb in the morning.

These are some photos of the views visitors can expect to see (on a clear day):

Monday, November 12, 2018

Things To Do in San Francisco - Holiday Ice Skating Rinks in San Francisco #UrbanTrekUSATips

Currently, there are two outdoor ice skating rinks in San Francisco for the holidays. One in Union Square and one in the Embarcadero Center Plaza. On Nov. 30th, another outdoor ice skating rink will open in the Civic Center Plaza. These ice skating rinks will be good things to do in San Francisco during the holidays.

Personally, of the Union Square and the Embarcadero Center Plaza, I prefer the Embarcadero Center Plaza because it is bigger and, especially at night, the scenery is better because of the lights that will be lit for the Embarcadero buildings, the Bay Lights of the Bay Bridge and the Ferry Building in the background. Check out the video below.

What I like about the Union Square ice skating rink is the Christmas tree that provides a more holiday atmosphere.

This #UrbanTrekUSATips by Urban Trek USA a small group San Francisco walking tour & city tour. No more than 7 people to provide the best small group immersive San Francisco city tour experience.

This is the Embarcadero  Center Plaza ice skating rink:

This is a video showing the scenes around the Embarcadero Plaza lights:

 This is the Union Square ice skating rink:

I will post a video of the Civic Center ice skating rink when it opens.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

FAQ What makes Urban Trek USA the best small group walking & city tour in San Francisco?

Urban Trek USA is a SMALL GROUP walking tour & city tour in San Francisco. These are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) on what makes Urban Trek USA the best small group tour in San Francisco?

Q1. What is the difference between an “urban trek” walking & city tour in San Francisco vs. the other tours?

A1: An urban trek walking and city tour of San Francisco is a SMALL GROUP. No more than 7 people to provide an IMMERSIVE city tour EXPERIENCE by combining four to six neighborhoods and sights of San Francisco.

Q2. What does IMMERSIVE mean?

A2: IMMERSIVE means urban trekkers will EXPERIENCE San Francisco and not just simply see the sights because, depending on the urban trek, you will be provided with important historical aspects of each place; current demographics (i.e. who lives in the neighborhood today) and when appropriate how the neighborhood has evolved over the years; and you will get good recommendations on things to do in those neighborhoods in case you want to visit those places after your urban trek. When there is one, you will also see the “SECRET SPOT” at each neighborhood where there will be an awesome view but without the crowd because even at the most visited places like the Golden Gate Bridge & Coit Tower, there are places that most tourists (even locals) do not explore. At each secret spot, you will have more time to enjoy the view because there will be no bothersome crowd. You will also learn what currently is happening in San Francisco to give you a well-rounded understanding of how the locals live in San Francisco.

Q3. What does EXPERIENCE mean?

A3: When you join an urban trek, you are not detached from the environment you are in - unlike being on a tour bus and van or riding a bicycle and Segway. When you walk the streets, alleys, stairways or trails you have a true experience of the place. And taking the public transportation of San Francisco will also give you a good insight on the lives of the people who live in the neighborhoods (e.g. why are buses crowded in some places vs. others) and, more important, you will learn how to get around on your own in a more environmentally friendly way to explore more of San Francisco after your urban trek.

Q4. How  can there be “SECRET SPOTS” in tourists places in San Francisco?

A4: Obviously, the “secret spots” are not a complete secret in today’s world with all the social media stuff. However, most people cannot research every single thing or do not have time to do all the research. The Urban Trek Leader has lived in San Francisco for decades and always explores parts of the city he likes to share with you in case new “secrets” can be found. The “secret spots” will always have a gorgeous view or something special about it and there will be no crowd. Not all places will have a “secret spot” but the guiding principle of Urban Trek USA is to bring you to places where the Urban Trek Leader can contribute to your enjoyment and understanding of San Francisco and show something that most people might not know. There are places that Urban Trek USA will never take you because they do not uphold the standard of the guiding principle of Urban Trek USA.

Q5. What are the other benefits of joining an urban trek walking & city tour in San Francisco?

A5: First, you will enjoy either a lunch break or coffee break at places that will have delicious food San Francisco is known for. (Note: The cost of the lunch break and coffee break are your responsibility. Also, Urban Trek USA does NOT get a commission from the recommended places. For Urban Trek 1 & 2, you are free to choose where you want to have a lunch break within the immediate area.) 

Second, you will be provided with written directions on how to explore neighborhoods, including the “secret spots,” that are not part of the urban trek you join. For example, if you join urban trek 4, you will be provided written directions for exploring Russian Hill, Golden Gate Bridge area, Pacific Heights and how to combine Hayes Valley/Alamo Square/Haight Street.

Third, you will be provided with written recommendations for places to dine or have cocktails or have desserts around San Francisco.

No other San Francisco tour will provide you with all the EXTRAS at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you.

Get off the tour bus, urban trek with us!

All these make for one of the best things to do in San Francisco.