Saturday, September 29, 2018

Things to do in San Francisco - Ferry Building Saturday Farmers Market #UrbanTrekUSATips

This #UrbanTrekUSATips by Urban Trek USA San Francisco SMALL GROUP tour. BEST San Francisco walking tour for an IMMERSIVE city EXPERIENCE. Get off the tour bus, urban trek with us!

The Saturday farmers market at the Ferry Building from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm is something visitors should not miss, especially if you like fresh produce, fruit, cheese, jams, etc. The Ferry Building also has nice views of the Bay Bridge, the bay and the buildings along the Embarcadero. This is a very good things to do in San Francisco on a Saturday morning.

If you join Urban Trek 1 or Urban Trek 4 San Francisco walking tours, you will get some VALUABLE TIPS on how to enhance your visit:

1. Best views in the area (urban trek "secret spots").

2. ATTENTION LADIES! You will NOT have to wait in a long line to use the toilet because you will know where the short line for the toilet is located.

3. Best options for food, desserts, coffee, etc.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Things to do in San Francisco - Argentinean street food at Tanguito #UrbanTrekUSATips

This #UrbanTrekUSATips by Urban Trek USA a SMALL GROUP tour in San Francisco. BEST city walking tour for an IMMERSIVE San Francisco EXPERIENCE. Get off the tour bus, urban trek with us!

I normally do not go to Fisherman's Wharf so there is only ne place I would go out of my way to visit (Delise for coconut pandan ice cream). Well, today a good friend took me to lunch at Tanguito Argentinean Grill because it was a nice day so we can have somewhat of an outdoor lunch. I had the steak sandwich and the beef empanadas. They were delicious, especially the steak sandwich.  The steak sandwich was a lot but it felt light. I think it was the bread that made it not heavy because it was the kind of bread that was soft and light. What I liked about the beef empanadas was it had pieces of steak and not only ground beef like most empanadas. The bits of pieces of steak added something a little special to it. I will definitely go back next time when it is a nice day.

Tanguito Argentinean Grill is basically a food truck but they have some tables at the back in a patio like setting. It is located on Jones Street between Jefferson Street & Beach Street. It is where the F & E vintage streetcars end and start in Fisherman's Wharf. A good things to do in San Francisco around the Fisherman's Wharf area.

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Things to do in San Francisco - Undiscorvered SF Creative Night Market - #UrbanTrekUSATips

This #UrbanTrekUSATips by Urban Trek USA - SMALL GROUP San Francisco tour. MAXIMUM of only 7 people per group. BEST city tour for an IMMERSIVE San Francisco EXPERIENCE. Get off the tour bus, urban trek with us!

Undiscovered SF is a monthly event held every 3rd Saturday of the month. This event is a creative night market that has a Filipino theme: food, merchandise, entertainment, etc. - a fun things to do in San Francisco especially for Filipinos or people who want to learn a little bit about the Filipino culture.

I went to check it out on Sept. 15, 2018. My main reason for going there was to check out the food options, especially food that has ube (a favorite of mine) as one of the ingredients. Seems ube is becoming an "exotic" thing for food these days. I tried the spicy chicken with ube ensaymada and halo-halo milk tea at The Sarap Shop ("sarap" if Filipino word for delicious) and the ube butter salted egg bibinka and mango cream bibinka at Binka Bites. There were other foods I wanted to try but I was already full after having what I had. Next time!

By the way, one of the famous food trucks, Senor Sisig, was there but since I have already had their delicious food a number of times, I wanted to try others that I have not tried.

Here are some photos I took from the Sept. 15, 2018 event:

Here are some videos I took from the Sept. 15, 2018 event:

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Friday, September 14, 2018

Things to do in San Francisco - SMALL GROUP tour by Urban Trek USA

An excellent "things to do in San Francisco" is a SMALL GROUP tour of San Francisco by Urban Trek USA.

Benefits of a SMALL GROUP TOUR with Urban Trek USA:

1) NEVER MORE THAN 7 people per group to give everyone the BEST possible San Francisco EXPERIENCE.

2) Walking the streets, alleys and stairways of the city is the best and ONLY WAY to truly get to FEEL THE ENERGY of a place and, therefore,  really get an IMMERSIVE San Francisco experience. 

3) Visit some places that are famous and - more important - also see the urban trek "SECRET SPOTS" that offer gorgeous views WITHOUT THE CROWD and/or more local San Francisco areas.

4) Urban Trek USA offers a very REASONABLE PRICE and quite a bargain price considering the time (4.5 - 7 hours), quality (5-star rated), information (historical & current events) and extras at no additional cost (written self-guided directions & recommendations of things to do ).

5) A GUIDE who HAS LIVED in San Francisco for DECADES and will not give you some "made up" stuff about the city.

6) When lunch or a coffee break is part of the itinerary,  you will definitely be able to choose from the BEST FOOD and snack places in the neighborhood.

Get off the tour bus,  urban trek with us!

Note: Advance reservation required.

Click here for more information about Urban Trek USA small group San Francisco walking tours.

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Monday, September 10, 2018

Things to do in San Francisco - Alta Plaza Park in Pacific Heights #UrbanTrekUSATips

This #UrbanTrekUSATips by Urban Trek USA San Francisco SMALL GROUP walking tour. BEST city tour for an IMMERSIVE San Francisco EXPERIENCE. Maximum of only 7 people per group. Get off the tour bus, urban trek with us!

One of the best things about San Francisco is that the city has a lot of parks. From what I know, you can walk 10 minutes and you will be in a park; some smaller, some bigger and some somewhat hidden.

One park that I really like is Alta Plaza Park in the Pacific Heights neighborhood. The Pacific Heights neighborhood is a wealthy neighborhood, if not the wealthiest neighborhood, in San Francisco. The view from this neighborhood is likely the reason why homes sell for millions. Therefore, Alta Plaza Park is one of the parks that has awesome views. The best view, in my opinion, is facing the south side where you can see some of the Victorian houses, hills and buildings (see panoramic photo below). The north side has a bit of nice view of San Francisco Bay. Alta Plaza Park also has a nice playground with a view of the south side (best view as I mentioned).

Other things to do near Alta Plaza Park are:

a. The house used in the movie "Mrs. Doubtfire" located two blocks away at 2640 Steiner Street (corner of Broadway).

b. Fillmore Street (between Jackson & Sutter) is a street lined with nice stores, boutiques, restaurants, bars, dessert places and cafes.

This is a panoramic photo of the south side view:

This is a panoramic video of the south side view:

Other photos of the south side view:

Photos of the north side:

Photos of the east side:

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