Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Things to do in San Francisco - Grand & Beautiful City Hall #UrbanTrekUSATips

This #UrbanTrekUSATips by Urban Trek USA a San Francisco SMALL GROUP walking tour & city tour. The best immersive city tour for visitors to truly experience San Francisco. Why just simply visit when you can experience it.

As a follow up to my post on Dec. 3, 2018 about the new Civic Center holiday ice skating rink (here), also a very good things to do in San Francisco is checking out San Francisco's grand and beautiful City Hall if you in the area during business hours when City Hall is open.

San Francisco's City Hall has the tallest come in the United States and the fifth tallest in the world after St. Peter's (Rome), Duomo (Florence), St. Paul's (London) & Les Invalides (Paris).

Here are some photos of the exterior and interior of City Hall:

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  1. One fantastic sight at the Waterfront of San Francisco is the "Brilliant Gate Bridge" the most captured sight on the planet.
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