Friday, April 6, 2018

Things to do in San Francisco - Chocolate at Dandelion Chocolate

Things to do in San Francisco - Delicious chocolate at Dandelion Chocolate. Their factory and main cafe is located in the Mission District, 740 Valencia Street, between 18th & 19th Streets. They also have a stall at the Ferry Building but not everything offered at the factory/cafe is offered in the Ferry Building location (e.g. Chef Tasting). Pretty much everything is my favorite. If I had to choose my three top favorites, it would be the Frozen Hot Chocolate, the Chef Tasting (selection changes every now and then) and the European Hot Chocolate (very thick hot chocolate). I just tried their new Carrot Cake and it could be one of my top three favorites.

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Chef Tasting - Selection changes every now and then. This photo was from a while back. Current selection has two different items.

European Hot Chocolate - You can have more than one marshmallow, but don't abuse their generosity.
Also, too bad they do not offer churros because this would be excellent with churron.

Who would not like this especially on a hot day?

Hot chocolate is always a comfort especially on cold or rainy days.

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Better than wine flights? Selection also changes now and then.

This is a new item and it could be one of my top 3 favorites.

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