Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Things to do in San Francisco - POPOS #1 (Privately owned public open space)

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A good "things to do in San Francisco" on a nice day is to bring your lunch or just relax a bit at one of the POPOS (privately owned public open space) around San Francisco. Most of the POPOS offer a quieter spot in the busy areas and some are on roof tops that offer nice views. POPOS are privately owned places but are required to be open to the public during business hours. If I am not mistaken, this concept started in 1985. (Note: I will add more POPOS around The City in the following weeks.)

 This first POPOS I am sharing is one of the best, if not the best, because of its easy access and nice views of the tall buildings and busy Market Street below. It also has a few seating areas that are somewhat secluded and seem like you are on a balcony overlooking Market Street. This POPOS is located at the Crocker Galleria at Post & Montgomery. There are two ways to get here: one is via an elevator just inside the doors at the entrance of the Wells Fargo Bank and the other is through door from the Crocker Galleria (50 Post Street) food court (see photo below). So if you are around the Financial District check out this POPOS.

Tip: If you want to get some lunch nearby to take to this POPOS, Bun Mee (650 Market Street, between Kearny & Montgomery) has very good Vietnamese street food. I love the Belly Bun, Bun Bowl and Citrus Bowl. Their chocolate mint cookies are delicious for dessert.

Note: For more POPOS around San Francisco, click here.

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