Sunday, February 18, 2018

Things to Do in San Francisco - Food at Ferry Building

Things to do in San Francisco: Food! San Francisco has a variety of excellent food. So many new and innovative stuff going on in San Francisco right now. The old standards are also just as good and maybe even improving.

Right now I am a bit obsessed with two new things:

- The Tacro (Taco Croissant) at Vive La Tarte in the Ferry Building. I've had the pulled pork/pineapple tacro and the chicken/avocado tacro and the jack-fruit BBQ tacro.  All three are delicious. Maybe the jack-fruit BBQ has a slight edge, It is also just the right size for me that my stomach is satisfied but I am not too full. I am looking forward to trying their other dessert stuff. (Update: The key lime croissant is also very good. It is a croissant that has the key lime filling. See last photo below.)

- The Impossible Burger. This is a vegetarian burger that has the taste and texture of a beef burger. The Impossible Burger I have tried are at Gotts Roadside in the Ferry Building. There are other restaurants in The City that serve the Impossible Burger. By the way, the Impossible Burger is more eco-friendly to eat because it requires less natural resources to produce.

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